The BBC reported in February 2007 that Chanda Musalman, 40 of Nepal is probably the world’s only person who is legally recognised to be both a man and a woman. The government of Nepal have decided that Musalman, who is anatomically a male but dresses and behaves like a woman, should have that unprecedented legal status.

It has opened up quite a few interesting legal questions, like for example: if he/she ever got married, who will be considered the husband/wife, and hence distribution of property?

Musalman has never undergone surgery to make him anatomically a woman, but asked that his gender be recognised as “both”. Amazingly, the authorities obliged.

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THE WORLD’S WORST PERFORMANCES AT THE OLYMPICS has listed the world’s worst performances at the Olympics. These are athletes who did not drop out when they were down and out, but gritted their teeth and finished their event.

They include Raul Giraldo Mazorra Zamora of Cuba who in the 1952 Olympics clocked 31 seconds for the 200m. Heck, even my slowest ever time is better than that, notwithstanding the fact that he ran the event more than half a century ago. I mean, even during the first Olympics (1896), the men can already run about 12 seconds for the 100m.

Then there was Ralf Leberer of Germany who clocked 56.74 seconds for the 110m hurdles at the 2000 Olympiad. In an event where times below 14 seconds are expected, what more at Olympics level, he clocked a time more suited to a typical secondary school 400m event. This is not to say that Leberer is a substandard athlete. He regularly clocks world-class times, but on that particular day, he fell short of the finish line during his heat. Somehow, he managed to get up and cross the finish line.

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