Project Mentor: a hacking school, sort of….

Project Mentor provides “a structured environment in which newbies can steadily mature into respectable members of the hacking community.”

But, it’s NOT a a hacking school, because:
- there is no such thing. A true hacker knows he must be capable of learning independently in order to succeed in a technical field.
- it’s not a formal, graded environment. There is structure in that courses are arranged in a hierarchy of levels based on difficulty and depth, and the student must complete a number of objectives before completing the course, but this is naturally required to keep order of a student’s progression.

To further deter the assertion that Mentor is a school of any kind, it should be noted that content provided does not consist of step-by-step guides and howtos, but rather the information is intended to provide a true understanding of the subject matter.

Apparently, the main brain behind this is l0gic.

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