Amitabh Bachan: filthy rich Bollywood star

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I was expecting famous Bollywood stars like Mr Bachan to be richer than the rest, but NOT this rich, considering that India’s GDP at USD3000+ is 3 times lower than that of Malaysia (USD10K+).

Min RM4.3 million for an ad slot?

RM860,000 per day for making a movie?

That still sounds like peanuts when compared to A-List Hollywood stars who can earn in excess of RM80 million PER movie, but we’re talking about a country less developed than Malaysia here.

Eat your heart out Yusof Haslam or whoever the top movie-industry figure in Malaysia is!

as reported by thestar.

Bollywood star living like a maharajah

BOLLYWOOD movie idol Amitabh Bachan lives the life of a maharajah, said a report in Tamil Nesan.

He has two houses, one of which reportedly costs RM137mil, and 11 imported cars, including a bullet proof Lexus.

The building materials for the floors of the houses were imported from Italy while the toiletry fittings were from France and Germany.

His wardrobe is filled with suits made from Italian and French materials and the buttons on his coats were bought from England.

His luxurious lifestyle is attributed to the high salary he receives from acting.

For an advertising slot, he reportedly gets between Rs50mil and Rs120mil (RM4.3mil and RM10mil.)

He gets Rs100mil (RM8.6mil) for a 10-day movie shoot.

At 64, Bachan is still actively involved in modelling and acting in movies and dramas.

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