Liquor preferred by Sabahans

  • martell VSOP Medaillon (midrange Martell range – 10-12 yrs old). Apparently 1 litre costs RM95 in Labuan.
  • Martell VS (cheapest in the Martell range). Apparently, 7 years old; the best cognac in the world in its class and price range.
  • Martell Cordon Blue (high end Martell; most expensive; 25-30 yrs old)
  • Johnnie Walker Black label (most popuilar); abt RM85 duty free per 1 litre bottle
  • Johnnie Walker Red Label (very popular, apparently most popular whisky/spirit in the world, est 1820); 1 litre costs RM38 in Labuan
  • Chivas Regal (epinions review here); 1 litre RM95
  • Jack Daniels (epinions review, mouthshut review); abt RM80 duty free per 1 ltr bottle

Personal faves

  • Southern Comfort
  • Bailey’s Irish Cream

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