Sen Ze’s “Mini-Encyclopedia of Low Cost-High Profit Internet Business Model” reviewed

The first question I’d ask when enthusiastically recommended some product is: “what are its disadvantages?” or “what are its weak points?”

Hence, I almost never read marketing brochures/advertisements etc. Instead, I’d refer to independent reviewers, or even better, its competitor. It’s rather fun watching competing companies try to cut each other down.

So, how does Sen Ze’s ebook costing RM97 fare under skepticism?

According to this guy:

My cousin just bought Sen Ze’s Mini-Encyclopedia on set up your (sic) very own low-cost, high-profit Internet Business. After reading, I found its not worth buying. All the things mentioned you can easily get from online free articles.

One best part which I hate it is that he mention owner making a living with thr site. I’ve studied the website & I find it is rediculous. If this site can earn more than enough to make a living, then all folks here will be millioniare by end of the month. Check out the site on your own see to believe.

I’m not trying to be harsh but His book is not worth even trying. Its a junk.

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