Jon-Mook: affiliate program guru

Jon-Mook is very successful with his affiliate programs, reputedly earning USD80,000 in < 2 months, and most importantly, not stingy with tips and advice for others wanting to follow in his footsteps.

His self-intro says, amongst other things:

I’m in my mid-20’s and I work as a professional super affiliate. I own five very successful internet companies, with two more top secret ventures on the way. I’m not perfect at what I do, and have failed and lost lots of money in doing so, but I’ve always picked myself up and gotten back onto the horse to try again.

I’m better known for having posted my $80k+ screen shot of my earnings on SitePoint forums. It got a ton of attention from media outlets and bloggers of all kinds. I liked a lot of the positive and sometimes negative reviews. I think it’s good for our community to give both perspectives, whether people agree or not.

I’m doing this project as a means to give back to the community.

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