zorpia.com: fastest growing social network

Zorpia.com is a social networking website that provides a community setting for users to share unlimited photos, post journals or forum entries, and customize personal profiles and skins. It is similar to myspace, flickr, friendster, facebook, hi5, xanga, and tribe.net.

It was created by a 20-year old student from Hong Kong, Jeffrey Ng in Dec 2003.

  • 2.5 pageviews per day (similar to what’s claimed by that free dating site).
  • 9.5 million photos stored (unlimited space for its users)
  • 20,000 photos uploaded daily

Income derived from:

  • paid membership
  • ads from Google, Yahoo, AdBrite, Aptimus, Revenue Science, Revenue.net, and Zango

According to prweb.com’s report in March, Zorpia.com then had 1.8 million members worldwide. Now, if that free dating site claims to get USD10,000 per day from Adsense alone, how much would this site get?

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