The CD medium was badly designed

Well, that is my own opinion.

The CD first came out in the early 80′s. Why the hell didn’t they cover it with some kind of protective mechanism, like diskettes?

I personally like the Minidisc design – it’s smaller and has a sturdy, childproof protective mechanism.

Of course we’re probably heading towards solid-state storage, but that seems to be some years away.

With all this talk about next generation portable storage medium after DVDs i.e. DVD-HD and BluRay discs, I am amazed that the industry’s movers and shakers still hold on to the same old concept.

How many times have you shrieked to your 2-year old son holding a DVD: “don’t touch thattttttt”, then you have to wipe his fingermarks before you can use the damn thing? I know I have, and I know that would not happen if he were holding a thumbdrive or a Minidisc instead.

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