The world’s biggest sporting event is not the Olympics

The World Cup? guess again.

The Commonwealth Games? Asian Games? Not even close.

The answer is: the worldOutgames.

The what?

Later on that, check out these stats first:

  • to be held in Montreal, Canada 30 July – 5th August
  • 16,000 athletes
  • 35 disciplines
  • 120 countries
  • 250,000 visitors

Why the relative lack of number of visitors, and non-disclosed number of television audience?

Because this is world’s 1st worldOutgames, a multidiscpline sports event specially for lesbian, gay,bisexual,and transgender (LGBT) athletes from around the world, although it’s officially open to anyone, regardless of sexual orientation.

There are no minumum standards before you’re allowed to take part, which could explain the high number of athletes expected.

And just before that, there’s another huge gay-related sports event, the Chicago Gay Games VII, which boasted 12,000 athletes from 70 countries competing in 30 disciplines.

Now, imagine this scenario:

You decide to take part, then win a gold medal. Can you then go to the top sports bodies in Malaysia and demand the usual rewards including Datukship because you won gold at a truly global sports event participated by 120 countries, but the small problem is that it’s a homosexual-friendly games?

What do you think would happen?


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