Paris Hilton breaks world record

….as the world’s most overrated celebrity, according to The Sun (UK).

Obviously, the hotel heiress might not be too happy at the accolade given to her by no less an authority than the Guinness Book Of World Records.

As the newsreport said:

it’s not for her, erm, acting skills or singing. A spokesperson for the book says it took its info from a number of magazine polls. Readers voted on their least favorite and most overrated celebrity and Paris’s name kept coming up on top.



2 thoughts on “Paris Hilton breaks world record

  1. pinolobu Post author

    I wouldn’t say Paris is the most talented “artiste” out there, but at least she can do the following things: sing in tune, look good in the music video and can recognise a hit song. I guess the majority of people are jealous at her pampered, socialite life.

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