The world’s worst music album covers

Guaranteed will never see light of day in Malaysia, let alone being imitated by our local artistes.

The absolute worst must be The Scorpions’ Virgin Killer (1976). Yes, the Scorpions were bad with a capital B in the 70s. The original cover was even censored on There’s an alternative cover at But you judge for yourself:

The alternative album cover looks like this:

Then comes John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Can you imagine Nurul and Ajai (while they were still together) posing in an album like John Lennon and Yoko Ono did in their 1968 album entitled Unfinished Music No.1 – Two Virgins (1968)?

Hilarious comment from

Before I start, I want to get it out there that I have seen way more of John Lennon’s penis than I ever wanted to. Thanks a lot, John.

At least you can jerk off to the album cover…. If you wanted to……

I can see why Ringo and George wanted to leave the Beatles around this time.

This is what happens when you believe you are Jesus.

There are two occasions in Beatle history when I wish there had been a tape recorder rolling.
No.1 is The Beatles jamming with Elvis
No.2 is the other 3 Beatles discussing this album amongst themselves when Lennon wasn’t around.
This is what happens when you mix a cocktail of drugs, ego and money.
Lennon was not the messiah, he was just a very naughty boy.


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One thought on “The world’s worst music album covers

  1. qwerty

    i see both lennon and yoko are growing a natural forest ,lol
    why such a cover…

    and the scorpion cover… dont think its childporn ,cuz theres no sex in it -wikipedia got in trouble !??

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