The only man alive without any pulse

It was reported on 14th December 2006 that Gerald Langevin, a 65-year old Canadian is believed to be the only man alive without a pulse:

His heart failed and a new silent pump was embedded in his chest to keep blood flowing through his veins.

The man from went under the knife on 3 weeks earlier after suffering heart failure due to a heart attack earlier. In normal cases, he would be prime candidate for a transplant, but due to “other medical conditions,” he was deemed unsuitable for the purpose.

As a last resort, a mechanical heart was implanted, part of an ongoing North American clinical trials of the product.

An “interesting feature” of the device was that it provided a continuous flow of blood, so the patient had no pulse. Therefore, he is the only individual living in Canada, and possibly the whole world, without a pulse and without a measurable blood pressure.

The weirdest thing is that if anything ever happened to him, a car accident or something, and he was lying there on the ground, breathing, but with no pulse, it could upset people. Meaning, people could suddenly think ZOMBIE and run for their lives, instead of helping him.

The patient himself is feeling unnerved about having no pulse, but he is very much alive.


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