Probably the world’s most married man

The New Straits Times on 4th January 2007 reported that former police officer Kamarudin Mohamad made headlines in 2004 for being Malaysia’s most married man: 53 times.

The picture above was during his 53rd and last marriage, which was when he remarried his first wife, Khadijah Udin whom he divorced almost 50 years before after having married her for only a year.

It could also be the world’s oldest newlyweds, for Kamarudin was 72 and Khadijah 74 on that auspicious day, for a combined age of 146.

He was a self-confessed “lover of beautiful women” but “never a playboy”.

His wives included an English woman and two Thais.

All his previous marriages ended in divorce, with the exception of a Thai who died of breast cancer.

He leaves behind eight children and 16 grandchildren.

He will not add to the tally for he died on Saturday aged 74.

His 53rd and last wife, Khadijah Udin, said her husband had been warded on Dec 13 after complaining of chest and lung pains. Khadijah, who had divorced Kamarudin in 1958 after their first marriage, said Kamarudin died peacefully.

What is more amazing is that Kamarudin was never married to more than one woman at any one time.

Khadijah only agreed to remarry him after he agreed to give up his “hobby” of remarrying repeatedly. During their marriage in 2004, the groom had said he was happy with his choice and was quoted to have said:(My daughter) was right when she said I had never forgotten my first wife after all these years. I am pleased to be united with Khadijah again.”

Other trivia:

  • His previous marriages lasted an average 193 days each.
  • He was married to his 51st wife for 20 years. She died before he considered remarrying Khadijah.
  • His briefest marriage lasted only 2 days.

Rest in peace.


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