Probably the world’s worst place to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Update 11 Feb 2011

Apparently she does this every year.


On Valentine’s Day 2007 in Kashmir, at least 12 women covered from head to toe in black burqas, stormed into several restaurants in Srinagar, telling couples to go home and stay away from Valentine’s Day celebrations. Some couples were even beaten up.

And the worst woman ever to send Valentine’s greetings to is surely Aasiya Andrabi, the leader of Dukhtaran-e-Milat (Daughters of Faith), the group responsible for the above exercise.

Having said that, anyplace is bad if bad luck, or something else gets in the way. Even in ouyr very own Malaysia. You don’t want your romantic evening to end up like a particular 27-year old woman’s in Kuala Terengganu, where a prank phone call from a male workmate on Valentine’s Day turned the saleswoman’s celebration with her husband into her worst nightmare.

She must be cursing the male colleague right now, for her jealous husband overheard the conversation, and temper flaring, assaulted and held a knife against her, accusing her of having a secret affair.

What a change of mood it was – the evening as expected began romantically enough with a homemade candlelit dinner on 13th Feb. At precisely midnight, all hell broke loose when her handphone rang and the workmate committing his greatest mistake of the year: whispering Valentine wishes and blowing kisses as her hot-tempered husband eavesdropped.

After destroying the phone, the beatings began: he slapped and hit her. Explanations didn’t matter anymore. And that was not enough punishment, he grabbed a kitchen knife and threatened to chop her into pieces. She ran straight to the police station and the husband fled their home.

Judging from her age, she could’ve been married to him only for a short time. The marriage might already be over even as we speak.


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