The world’s most extreme shoes / heels

I try not to mention anything that’s already mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records, but this one is too interesting not to add here.

Apparently, the world’s highest heels is 16 inches tall with an 11 inch platform – that’s a 5 inch difference, and it looks like this:

[image from]

Can you imagine wearing something like that? Your demure, average height 5’4″ lady will end up looking like one of those Amazonian warriors, or worse, circus clown who’s 6’8″ tall and struggling not to fall over.

Apparently it’s made by Ladybwear.

Next up, the world’s most extreme ladies’ shoe designs are made by Mr James Designs. They have come up with designs like this:

More pics:

Can you imagine your feet contorted into this shape:

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