The world’s strangest rape cases

The world’s oldest rape victim

It could be the 98-year-old woman at an Australian nursing home. As reported by ABC TV in February 2006, the woman suffering from dementia was raped three times in a nursing home in Victoria State by a staff members. In addition, he also allegedly abused other residents. [1]

The world’s oldest person on whom rape was attempted

In June 2006, the BBC reported that Paul Blackwood broke into a 101-year-old woman’s house in West Midlands, United Kingdom, in November 2005 and attempted to rape her.

The world’s strangest rape case (I)

In February 2007, The Oregonian reported that Georgie Audean Buoy, an 82-year-old woman, and described as a “kind old church volunteer who enjoys gardening”, has been sentenced to 3 years jail for having a sexual relationship with an 11-year-old boy in The Dalles, Oregon, USA. Even residents of the town where it happened are still having a hard time believing it. She was apparently a foster mother to the boy and was arrested a year ago in the town with a population of 12,000. The DA felt compelled to offer a copy of her taped confession to quell the protests of the many doubters. Buoy has been a member of the local church for more than 20 years, greeted parishioners on Sundays and welcomed those in need to stay at her house. The pastor summed it up: “This is one of those things that’s unexplainable to us”. [3]

But I think this case below takes the cake:

The world’s strangest rape case (II)

Apparently, in November 2004, reported that a cat named Timka raped a woman in Russia – she was hospitalised with “severe injuries to her genitals”. How did it happen? Well, 2 women, Vera and Svetlana wanted to er… “experience sexual pleasure via intimate contact with a cat.” Yep, zoophilia, bestiality, whatever you call it was on the cards. Can’t really blame the cat, can you?

Full story after the jump.

When the ambulance arrived at the woman’s house, Svetlana was lying on the sofa wearing only a jumper, and had streaks of blood on her legs. Her friend Vera could not explain what had happened. Initially doctors thought that a maniac had attacked Svetlana, but imagine their shock, when she confessed her indescretions after her recovery.

Well, her entrepreneur husband is partly to blame too – he’s always away on business trips, including that fateful day.

So what was an apparently childless, living alone, bored housewife to do? They do the usual things: visit a like-minded friend, in this case Vera. As could be expected, after some wine, inhibitions would be pushed aside, and private matters begin to be discussed, including their secret fantasies. That when a cat turned up in the conversation.

So be careful with this mantra: “Life is too short, one has to try everything!” You might regret it later!

Modus operandi: take off clothes, put light out, put adult movie DVD, lie down, take bottle of valerian, pour some on private part, cat likes the smell, licks it away… you get the idea.

Vera did it first, successfully. Svetlana next. She was not as successful.

Another mantra for the day: “….there is nothing better than a cat’s little tongue”.

Svetlana apparently put too much of valerian, for the cat initally licked the liquid but suddenly became aggressive and “seized the genitals of the poor woman with his claws and teeth”. And wouldn’t let go, even after pushing. Vera came to the rescue by splashing water on the animal and throwing it outside.

Epilogue: Svetlana’s hubby Boris obviously was not too impressed that his wife thinks that a cat is a better lover than him: now it’s Svetlana’s turn to be thrown out of the house and she had to seek refuge at her mother’s place. At press time, divorce proceedings were underway.

Moral of the story: overdon’t overdose the cat! [4]

[3] The Oregonian

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  1. BEBEK

    Moral of the story – dont blame the cat… The cat is innocent…

    The guilty one is The Alleycats….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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