The world’s craziest group activities done in public

New York City has its annual No Pants Subway Ride, where hundreds of people would board a particular subway train fully clothed above the waist, but under the waist, only in their briefs or panties. What they’re doing is not breaking any laws, hence they’ve been at it since 2002, started by 7 members of the comedy group Improv Everywhere.

This year, they again used the #6 train, on 13th January. Starting in the afternoon, one person would board the train in boxers and briefs. Then another, and another. By the end of the ride, there’d be 20 to 40 similarly underdressed people on the same train. So, at the beginning fellow passengers could dismiss the lone underdressed guy as deranged, but when there’s many of them, it becomes something that’s obviously meant to be funny.

Some pics

Another are flash mobs, where a group of people would assemble suddenly in a public place, do something unusual for a short period, then quickly disperse. This is possible due to modern communications networks like mobile phones and the internet. Flash mobs are not restricted to the western world, the Far East don’t want to be undone either.

Check out this Japanese flash mob, taken from a comedy show, where 100 people chase after random strangers, with extremely funny reactions. Apparently, what the mob is shouting is:

- 1st guy: tsunami da! (There’s a tsunami!)
- 2nd guy: same as above. Apparently the guy is deaf of senile, he didn’t react to anything :-0
- 3rd guy: koitsu da! (“That’s the guy!)
- 4th guy: none
- 5th guy: abunai! (Watch out!)

Other flash mob activities have included pillowfighting in city centres and dancing in subway stations. The effect is nothing short of surreal.


Improv Everywhere

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