Funniest movie scenes: Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark: duel with swordman

This is possibly the best scene in the entire Indiana Jones trilogy, or at least in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981), where according to

One particular scene consistently brings the house down – Indiana Jones, having survived an
elaborate chase through the casbah, is confronted by a swordsman whipping through a flashy routine with a scimitar. With a look of infinite fatigue and disgust, Indy simply pulls out his gun and blows the bad guy away.

That bit flowed not from the pen of a screenwriter but from the desperation of Harrison Ford. His desire to spend less time on this scene and more in a washroom led to an actor-inspired script change that was ultimately worked into the film.

Three months’ of shooting in the blazing heat in Tunisia had resulted in a terrible bout of dysentery for Harrison Ford. The original scene, as called for in the script, would have required approximately three days to shoot. Not looking forward to another lengthy shoot under that
blistering sun, Ford persuaded Spielberg to try the scene this much shorter way.


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There was another one where Harrison Ford bumps into Hitler in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989), unfortunately I don’t have the full clip.

What do you think? Any other funny clips from major films you’d like to be added here?

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