The world’s most famous athletes who are also smokers

Some of the names in the list might surprise you, as it contains some of the biggest names, even legends of their chosen sport.

My requirement is: they are known to be smokers while active in their chosen sport.

Zinedine Zidane is probably the most famous recent example. One of the world’s greatest ever football players, he was the EU’s choice to front a campaign against smoking in 2002. However, during the World Cup in 2006, a long-lens photograph captured him sneaking a crafty fag before the World Cup semi-final against Portugal. Eyes closed, cheeks squeezed in tight, index finger stroking his upper lip, he seemed to be in heaven. Did it do him any harm? Well, it may have knocked two minutes off his life, it certainly did not help the campaign, but it did not stop him dominating the midfield to see France through to the final.

Diego Maradona

Michael Jordan, the greatest ever basketball player often smoked in the locker room during championship celebrations.
Michael Schumacher, one of the greatest ever Formula 1 drivers
Johan Cruyff
Paul Gascoigne
Ian Botham
Shane Warne, reputedly 2 packs a day
Tiger Woods
Tim Henman
Preben Elkjaer
Hristo Stoichkov
Fabien Barthez
Gianluca Vialli
Dino Zoff
Jack Charlton, reputedly 2 packs a day
Frank Leboeuf
Jimmy Greaves
David Ginola
Osvaldo Ardiles
Malcolm Macdonald
Bobby Charlton
Robert Prosinecki
Stan Bowles, reputedly 4 packs a day
Fred Flintoff
Fred Perry
Joe DiMaggio
Darren Clarke
Jesper Parnevik
Vlade Divac, NBA star
Patrik Sjöberg, Swedish high jumper
Wayne Gretzky (cigars)
James Hunt, English Formula One race driver. He usually lit a cigarette on the victory podium. Later he quit.

Do you have any more to add to the list?

…all these people would make good candidates to purchase one of those smokers life insurance policies…

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