The oldest person ever to make Vogue’s list of the world’s top 50 most glamorous women

Which octogenarian made the world’s de facto style bible Vogue’s top 50 list of the world’s most glamorous women? For its December 2007 edition, Vogue has included 81-year old Queen Elizabeth II.


She joined top names like Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell in the list, as well as more estoteric names like Agyness Deyn.

In doing so, she has defeated Posh Spice, who was knocked off this year’s list because “she doesn’t have her own style, she takes a look and copies it.

In its own words, Vogue declared that “she’s as glamorous in her brogues and headscarf at (her country estate) Balmoral as she is wearing the crown jewels.”

It defined glamour as “about how you wear something, not about what you wear. You cannot buy glamour and you can’t fake it.”

Vogue, December 2007 issue

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