The world’s first serving first lady whose nude pictures are being sold for profit

France’s first lady, Carla Bruni, 40 was a model before she married Nicolas Sarkozy in February 2008, less than 4 months after his divorce from his wife of 11 years, Cecilia Ciganer-Albeniz.

On the eve of their official visit to Britain at end of March 2008, interest in a nude photo of her has been fanned. The photo taken by Michel Comte in 1993 and was due to be auctioned in the month after.

Pic of Ms Sarkozy at a banquet during the visit to Britain [source:]


Then the BBC reported on 11th April 2008 that the photo has been auctioned for USD91,000, more than 20 times the expected price. The office of the French President declined to comment.

This is the first time in history that a nude photo of a serving first lady has been sold for profit.

To add more spice to the whole saga, Comte, 53 the photographer added that:
- he took hundreds of photos of Bruni over 10 years
- he has photos of her that are even more explicit
- “But she need not worry as I would never put them on sale.”

The nude photo (uncensored)


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