Dennis “Stalking Cat” Avner: the world’s most modified man

Dennis Avner, 50 of Nevada, USA is a Native American whose traditonal name is Stalking Cat. Apart from that he has the following nicknames: Catman, Cat, Tiger and Tiger man.

He has spent a lot of money and time (and of course endured the pain) to surgically modify his body to resemble that of a tiger.

Why? He explains in his website:

I am Huron and Lakota and in following a very old Huron Tradition I am transforming myself into my totem, a tiger.

Apparently, it all began through a dream when he was 23 years old. In the dream, an Indian Chief told him to “follow the ways of the tiger”.

This is Catman a long time ago before any surgery was done:

A recent photo of the Catman; can you see any similarity between this picture and the above?

The first procedure he underwent was getting his eyes tattooed.

So far, he has undergone the following procedures:

- extensive tattooing, including facial tattooing and whole body tattooed in tiger-like stripes
- hairline modification
- facial transdermal implants to allow the wearing of 12 6-inch fibreglass whiskers
- facial subdermal implants to change the shape of the brow and forehead
- filing and capping of his teeth to make them pointy, like a tiger’s
- wearing green contact lenses with slit irises
- having his ears surgically pointed
- silicone injection in the lips, cheeks, chin and other parts of his face
- bifurcated (reshaped) upper lip to achieve a cleft
- legally changing name to “Catman”

Also the following on his hands:

Apparently all surgery was done by body modification artist Steve Hayward, and that Cat could not ask a surgeon to do it because in the US, it’s illegal to “alter someone’s appearance beyond what society deems normal.” That also means that all surgery done on Cat was done without anaesthesia because in the US, only qualified doctors are allowed to use them.

Cat’s ultimate aim is “to become a perfect cross between a cat and a human, incorporating the best aspects of both.”

…does he look like he needs some eca stack?


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