The world’s sickest music act

…or the world’s most tasteless album / group.

There’s a 2-member “sick-brutal-death-metal” music group in existence somewhere in Europe called The Joseph Fritzls who is releasing an album apparently revering the worst father who ever lived, the Austrian sex monster Joseph Fritzl.

Album title: Who’s Ya Daddy?

There are 11 tracks, with incredibly sick titles like:

- Who’s Ya Daddy?
- 24 years
- Where’s my daughter?
- I’ll Hide You in My Cellar
- Incest Is Not That Bad
- KIDnapped (if ever there’s such a thing as a paedophile anthem, this would be it)

CD cover art:

I don’t know if they planned it or not, but the album’s supposed to be released in time for Fritzl’s trial.

It would be interesting to see what Fritzl thinks about that, but as for those on the other side, the disgusted reaction was understandable:

It’s nothing short of disgusting. To profit from their suffering like this is just plain sick. They must be as twisted as the real Josef Fritzl is.

Band members Mmit Woodmaster and Mojtra Ages say their songs are “aimed at fighting politics and racism”.

Understandably, reaction from music fans are mixed, but probably the best comment is:

What the f**k somebody must have taken a dump in your brain!

…probably not the best choice to include as one of your company’s promotional business gifts…

The Sun UK, 16th October 2008

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