The world’s strongest coffee is available in Malaysia?

Some transvestites (mak nyah) working as prostitutes in the city of Alor Star, Kedah, Malaysia have reportedly been taking “reggae coffee” (kopi reggae) to boost their energy levels to such an extent that:

(i) they could stay awake all night, even until dawn if necessary, and hence
(ii) they could entertain more than 10 customers in a single evening.

However, it is unclear why the name “reggae” was chosen. Nor could I find any mention of a recommendation for chilling out with Bob Marley’s “I Shot The Sheriff” while sipping from a glass.

Anyway, one of them who only wanted to be known as Syazliyana, in “her” 20s, said:

(i) the effects of the coffee could be felt within 5 minutes of drinking it: one would feel refreshed, energized and high.
(ii) it has a peculiar taste, unlike any other coffee

More information:

To boost its power even more, the coffee is laced with drugs like methamphetamine hydrocloride (syabu) or marijuana (ganja). This is the high end concoction. For a cheaper alternative, kratom leaves in powder form (daun ketum / daun biak) are added instead. Kratom leaves could be bought for RM30 per kg.

Harian Metro, 22 Dec 2008 [in Malay]

…rumour has it that this coffee could even replace diet pills

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