Most famous naked man of Barcelona

Apparently public nudity is perfectly legal in Barcelona, and there are a few naked men wandering about, but this so-called Elephant Man, as he’s called, is the most famous (or infamous) of them all.

Exactly why they chose to wander about in their birthday suit is anybody’s guess, demonstrating the effectiveness of the slimming pill being one of them.

Whatever, you can imagine tourists’ reaction as he nonchalantly walks by them.

Uncensored photos here.

- no one knows his real name (yet).
- FC Barcelona tattoo on his chest.
- usually roams La Rambla / Les Rambles, the most famous street in Barcelona.
- can sometimes be found roller skating.
- he’s been doing this for years.
- he’s practices Eastern spirituality.
- he usually can be found donning baseball caps while smoking.
- apparently doesn’t like it when photographed.
- apparently always yells at tourists.

There are some videos of him on youtube, like this one:

YouTube Preview Image

Ugliest Tattoos, 3rd October 2009

5 thoughts on “Most famous naked man of Barcelona

  1. bebek

    what will happen if you do this to him:

    1. He is a Barcelona fan – so Yell on top of your voice – “Viva Real Madrid, Get Lost Barcelona”…!!!!

    2. Cut off his Penis…!!!!

    3. Ask him to be a streaker – during Real Madrid vs Barcelona match

    4. Forcibly Dress him in the finest suite in Europe!!!

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