Ryan Yates: a candidate for “worst person who ever lived”

On 14th October 2009 in Aberdeen, a grandmother of 60 and her two granddaughters aged 8 and 2 were walking in a park.

Thereupon, unemployed Ryan Yates, 29, kitchen knife in hand, approached them, with the stated intention of killing the woman, in order to be able to rape the 2 girls. Later, his statement to police stated that as he walked out of his house that day, it was his specific plan to “look for some children to have sex with”.

Then, silently and methodically he stabbed the woman in the chest. In the ensuing struggle, Yates told her that “he’d let her go if she let go of the knife.” When she refused, Yates spat in her face.

Only 5 days earlier, he was released for another sex-related assault.

Fortunately, a passer-by intervened, and Yates calmly walked away.

He has admitted to all the charges & to be chemically castrated.

On 29th January 2010, his own mother, Ann, 50 was quoted by The Sun to be so disgusted that she’d said:

I brought him into the world – and I’d take him out of it.

She said that her son got started in the world of sex crimes at 14, would never stop, and that she’d willingly kill him with her own hands. His father had passed away.

Among other vile things Ryan had done were:
- at 15, he had tried to rape his own mother!
- he had stripped a female relative as he threatened her with a knife.
- had attacked women on many occasions
- at 14, he walked up to a stranger and asked her for a kiss!
- at 12, he was allegedly found in bed with an even younger girl

Incredibly, he always informed his mother of his misdemeanors, even though she never failed to make police reports.

One could argue that having a job, any job, like selling scales and keeping oneself busy could divert one’s energies from things like these, but perhaps for some individuals, the normal rules don’t apply.

One thought on “Ryan Yates: a candidate for “worst person who ever lived”

  1. bebek

    this is where justice system failed – there is no need to arrest him, record statements, release him on bail, only for this sucker to commit the same crimes again and again and again and again…

    This should have been easily solved – there are more than 100 methods to ensure he is out of this world – and ensuring and keeping this beast away from peace loving people, to keep him away from children and women… i dont have to mention the methods – u know… one method is to strap him onto a Tomahawk missile and then fired straight into the north pole!!!

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