Best achievements by Malaysians at the Miss Universe / World pageants

The Miss World and Miss Universe beauty pageants are generally acknowledged to be the world’s top two showcases of female beauty.

We often hear about Indians and Venezuelans winning them.

So how about Malaysia?

The first Malaysian lass to crack the top ten at a Miss World is Arianna Teoh Lai Poh who was a semifinalist i.e. top 10 in 1997.

Arianna (right) and Sarita Carreon

[photo credit - Sarita Carreon]

A year later, Lina Teoh (Angelina Teoh Pick Lim) created history by finishing third at the 1998 Miss World – the best ever achievement by a Malaysian in an international beauty pageant. For the record, the title that year was won by Israel’s Linor Abargil, while the runner up was France’s Veronique Caloc.

[photo credit - The Talent Factory]

Does that mean Lina is the most beautiful Malaysian who ever lived? Anyway, the best Malaysian achievement since then was Deborah Priya Henry’s top 16 finish at Miss World 2007.

As for Miss Universe, it proved to be an even tougher nut to crack.

Malaysia‚Äôs best ever showing there was way back in 1970 when Josephine Lena Wong Jaw Leng (now known as Datin Josephine Fonseka) managed a top 15 finish. For the record, Miss Universe 1970 was Puerto Rico’s Marisol Malaret and Japan’s Jun Shimada placed 4th.

That means, as far as Miss Universe achievements go, we’re still behind countries like Belize, Angola and Guam, and level with Vietnam. Doesn’t sound so good huh?

Incidentally, Datin Fonseka is the mother of Andrea Fonseka, Miss Malaysia/Universe 2004.

It is heartening to see our beauties still maintaining their figures after all these years; one wonders what they use to do that – a p90x perhaps?

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