The 100-year-old car that has never broken down

A two-seater Wolseley 6 built in 1904 still runs and has never broken down. It’s one of the first cars produced by the Frederick Wolseley company in Birmingham, which went defunct in 1975.

Owner Brian Caseley, 65, regularly takes the car for a spin around his home in Dorset, Great Britain.

It’s top speed is 29 mph (46 kmh) and nobody knows its mileage as it doesn’t have a mileometers / odometer.

Caseley bought it in 2004 from a vintage car collector friend.

- runs on petrol
- 30 to 40 miles to the gallon (i.e. more efficient than most modern cars)
- 1-cylinder motor

The car in 1906 – when it was 2 years old

Daily Mail (UK), 29 Aug 2011

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