Most beautiful hands

Gemma Howorth, 27 is probably the world’s top hand model. Her hands are featured in many magazines, including advertising campaigns for Escada, Rimmel and Fairy Liquid, beauty editorials in Vogue and Tatler, puts make up on Supermodels for Max Factor and prepares food for Sainsbury’s.

She was 15 she was scouted by a top London hand model agency.

She gets paid up to GBP2,000 per day to let her hands double for the hands of some of the world’s top celebrities, including Kate Moss, Lily Cole, Lizzie Jager and Natalie Imbruglia.

Kate’s face, Gemma’s hands in a Rimmel London TV advert

YouTube Preview Image

What’s so special about her hands: very long nail beds and extremely slender fingers.

Her hands are so important to her job that:
- they are insured for GBP1 million
- she wears white cotton gloves during vacations, on top of the usual sunblock so that it doesn’t get a tan or break nails
- she moisturises them 30 times a day with almond oil
- her husband does the washing up.

According to Ms Howorth, perfect hands for girls should have “long nail beds, with a good length from the tip of the nail to the cuticle. They need nice, straight, long fingers, an even skin tone with hands that are not too chubby or slim.”

As for men, they should have “quite hairless hands and arms. Their skin should be blemish free and their nail beds should be even.”

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