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Update 3 February 2012

She was reportedly born a man (Christopher Snowden), and changed gender in 2005, and said that by revealing this “there could be a lot of angry men out there.”


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29 January 2012

It was reported by the Daily Mail on 29th January 2012 that Crystal Warren, 42, a retail manager from Brighton, UK said that she has slept with more than 1,000 men.

She’s not a prostitute, but rather she’s addicted to sex, which she blames on her parents’ divorce when she was 5.

Now I am not sure if she took records meticulously, but she revealed that after losing her virginity at 15, within 2 years she’s had 40 lovers, and that her “record” is sleeping with 7 men within 24 hours. Perhaps it doesn’t come as a surprise when she said she’s done orgies too.

Probably the bigger question is why would she tell all this to a newspaper, for all the world to know?

While on weekends people would spend time with their families or indulge in their hobbies, she’d spend her time looking for men at pubs or coffee shops to bring home and do the wild thing. If she doesn’t get any, she’ll get depressed.

She must be the epitome of the word “easy”, someone who’s extremely popular at any party, including tailgating parties.

She seems to be quite a match for who has been called the worst wife in history or the world’s most famous nymphomaniac, the Empress Valeria Messalina (17 or 20 – 48), the third wife of Claudius, the fourth Emperor of the Roman Empire.

Behind the emperor’s back she reputedly conducted many affairs, many simultaneously.

That was not enough to satisfy her, so she would go out and act like a prostitute.

Her greatest feat was perhaps challenging the infamous Roman prostitute, Scylla, to a contest: the winner was the person who copulated with the most men, non-stop.

Guess what, the Empress consort of the Roman Empire defeated a professional prostitute.

Starting at night, by dawn Sycalla was exhausted and declared defeat. Yet, Messalina didn’t stop: she continued on her own, until lunchtime presumably.

She slept with a total of 25 men in that period.

She met her end at the age of 28 or 31, when she, together with one of her lovers, plotted to murder her own husband. Claudius found out and the conspirators were executed.


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