Shortest marriage

Update 8 Mar 2012

This one could be the shortest ever.

According to the Hong Kong News Agency, on 6th March 2012, Taiwanese woman Wang, 27 and her boyfriend Lee, 23 had just registered their marriage at the Tanzi District Household Registration Office in the city of Taichung, then immediately went to a car dealer because she wanted her husband to buy an imported car for her as a wedding gift.

When he hesitated, Wang became angry and reportedly said: “divorce me if you do not want to buy!” following which they went back to the registration department to file for a divorce!

Aw, heck, they should’ve at least waited long enough for toddler gifts from uncle Lee for the little one.

20 Feb 2012

I wrote earlier that when it comes to celebrities, the marriage of Rudolph Valentino & Jean Acker on 6th November 1919 should be the shortest – it reportedly lasted a mere 6 hours.

Well, how about the rest of us?

It was reported in a Saudi Arabian newspaper in 2003 that a man divorced his new wife immediately after the marriage ceremony because he became angry at her brother who took photos of them.

Then there’s the case of Scott McKie, 23 and Victoria Anderson, 40 of Manchester, who divorced 90 minutes after exchanging marriage vows.

Trouble started at the wedding reception, when Victoria became angry at Scott’s toast to the bridesmaids, where he was standing on a table and drunkenly shouting at the guests.

She hit him on the head with an ashtray, and he retaliated by picking up a hatstand and throwing it “javelin style” at the bar.

The police came, and he duly headbutted one and boxed another’s face. He was duly arrested.

They both agreed to end the marriage.

A friend of Victoria said, “Scott behaved disgracefully and Vicky was simply pushed to the end of her tether. It was hardy surprising Vicky realised this marriage was a total mistake. She just wants to put it all behind her.”

As for Scott, he said, “My wedding day was a complete nightmare, the biggest mistake of my life.”

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