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Most disgraceful billionaires

UPDATE 5 March 2013

For it’s 2013 rich list, Forbes has finally dropped Guzman from its list after 4 continuous years in it (2009 to 2012).

29 June 2012

This list doesn’t include political leaders/despots/dictators.

Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman (born 1957), of Mexico, is the fugitive leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, the world’s biggest and most powerful narcotics trafficking group. In 2009, he’s listed by Forbes as the 701st richest person in the world, with a USD1 billion fortune. He has made the list every year since then. Forbes also called him “the biggest druglord of all time”, surpassing even Pablo Escobar. To criticisms on the criminal’s listing, Steve Forbes, the magazine’s editor-in-chief said that while “it is deplorable that someone like this has a billion dollars,” the magazine “was simply doing its job and reporting a fact.”

Pablo Escobar (1949 – 1993), of Colombia was a legedary drug dealer, who in 1987 made Forbes first World’s Billionaires List. He had apparently amassed USD3 billion up to that point. He stayed in the list for 7 years, his final appearance being the July 1993 list. He was killed 5 months later.

The Ochoa brothers, Jorge Luis, Fabio and Juan David were collectively worth USD2 billion in 1987. How did they make their money? You’ve guessed it – drugs. They made the list for another 6 years, for the final time in 1992.

Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha (1947 – 1989) was another big time drug dealer, who, in 1988 made Forbes’ billionaire list, his wealth estimated at USD1.3 billion. He made the list again the following year, but at the end of 1989 he was killed by police.

Allen Stanford (born 1950) is a former prominent financier who ran a USD7 billion Ponzi scheme, currently serving a 110-year jail sentence.

Bernard Madoff (born April 1938) ran a Ponzi scheme considered the largest financial fraud in US history, the actual losses to investors estimated at USD18 billion. In 2009 he was sentenced to 150 years in jail.

Best photo of UEFA Euro 2012

The England vs Italy quarterfinal match at the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship (Euro 2012), which was held on 24th June 2012, went to spot-kicks.

The score was 3-2 in favour of the Azzurri, with Alessandro Diamanti up next.

If he scored, his would be the final penalty kick of the night, and Italy would make the semifinals.

The English fans were right in front of him, and a guy at the front row very near the centre of goal decided that it’s time to do anything necessary to distract Diamanti.

So he dropped his shorts at the crucial moment, hoping that the sight of his old chap and jacobs would do the trick…

But as we all know, it didn’t work. At some other time it might well have, much like getting it right first time at

Still, it makes for an unforgettable photograph for that moment when the whole world was watching.

As at the time of writing this, his identity is still unknown.

The uncensored version (warning: contains nudity)

Daily Mail (UK), 26th June 2012
The Mirror, 25th June 2012

Worst school creative writing exercise

We all have done “karangan” during our schooldays, but have you ever had to do one which asks you to imagine you had a terminal illness and therefore to express thanks to loved ones?

Wesley Walker, 14 did. He’s enrolled at Discovery Academy, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, UK.

Imagine her mother’s shock when, inspecting her son’s schoolwork, discovered this:

She rushed to his bedroom, fearing he’d killed himself. Instead, she found his fast asleep.

Wesley’s parents confronted the schoolteacher, but staff defended the move, saying it’s a way for students to tell their mums how much they love them, and that it’s in line with the national curriculum, where “the purpose was to enable young people to explore their feelings and emotions and celebrate the many good things with their loved ones that are usually left unsaid.”

Daily Mail (UK), 21 June 2012

Most outrageous disallowed goal in a major football tournament

Major football tournaments include the FIFA World Cup and the UEFA European Football Championship. And no, the Malaysia Super League (Liga Super Malaysia) is not.

The following should have been valid goals, but weren’t counted, potentially causing enough frustration for the affected to let it all out, only later collecting their thoughts in a pool fitted with raypak heat pumps.

7th July 1990 – World Cup 1990 third place playoff – Italy vs England – Italy was leading 2-1 when Nicola Berti received the ball while miles onside, then scored what seemed to be Italy’s third goal in the dying seconds, yet he was adjudged offside – definitely one of the worst offside calls in history, especially for a match at this level. I can only say the referee took a bet on the final score.

YouTube Preview Image

3rd June 1978 – World Cup group phase – Brazil vs Sweden – the score was 1-1 and time was almost up when Brazil took a corner and Zico scored with a header. At the same time, Welsh referee Clive Thomas blew the final whistle, thus disallowing the goal. Someone commented that he didn’t even begin to put the whistle to his mouth UNTIL the ball had hit the net – probably the most corrupt referee ever.

YouTube Preview Image

27th June 2010 – World Cup 2010 second round – Germany vs England – England were trailing 1-2 when Frank Lampard’s shot from outside the area struck the crossbar before bouncing over the line. But it wasn’t counted – if it was, the score would’ve been 2-2. In the event, England went on to lose 1-4.

YouTube Preview Image

21st June 1982 – World Cup 1982 group phase – France vs Kuwait – France were leading 3-1 when Alain Giresse scored what seemed to be a perfectly scored goal. Yet Kuwait fiercely argued, because they had stopped playing after hearing a “piercing whistle” from the crowd, which they thought had been blown by Soviet referee Miroslav Stupar. Before play restarted, Sheikh Fahid Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, brother of the Kuwaiti Emir and president of the Kuwaiti Football Association, went down to the pitch to talk to the referee. Controversially, Stupar then said the goal was disallowed, causing French anger. In the event, France went on to win 4-1 when Maxime Bossis scored a few minutes later. In the aftermath, Stupar was stripped of his referee license and Al-Sabah was fined USD10,000.

YouTube Preview Image

17th June 2002 – World Cup 2002 second round – Brazil vs Belgium – the score was 0-0 when Marc Wilmots scored, in the 35th minute, what seemed to be a perfectly good goal, yet it was disallowed due to him adjudged to have pushed Brazilian defender Roque Junior. Brazil went on to win 2-0 and indeed the World Cup that year, but things could’ve been very different if Belgium had scored first.

YouTube Preview Image

6th June 1962 – World Cup 1962 group phase – Brazil vs Spain – the score was 1-0 in favour of Spain when Adelardo Rodriguez scored with what’s probably the first overhead kick goal caught on film, yet the referee said he was offside. Brazil went on to win the match 2-1 and indeed the World Cup that year.

YouTube Preview Image
(special thanks to Gordon for locating the video)

Almost everything that’s wrong with Western society today can be summed up in this one photo

So says Dr Helen Wright, head of St Mary’s School, Calne, Wiltshire, United Kingdom, a top private girls’ boarding school: “Kim Kardashian is the poster girl for almost everything that is wrong with Western society”.

Specifically, she’s referring to the May 2012 Zoo magazine cover photo of Kim, with the caption “the hottest woman in the world”:

Kim kardashian zoo magazine cover hottest woman world

In a speech to the Institute of Development Professionals in Education, she said:

It is not too strong a statement, I venture to suggest, to say that almost everything that is wrong with Western society today can be summed up in that one symbolic photo of Miss Kim Kardashian on the front of Zoo magazine. The descent of Western civilisation can practically be read into every curve, of which, you will note, there are in-deed many. Officially the hottest woman in the world? Really? Is this what we want our young people to aim for? Is this what success should mean to them?

Miss Kardashian is famous for her reality TV series, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, for hanging out with the rich and famous, for a sex tape, a 72-day marriage and a rather ample backside. What is she telling our young people about life? As a society, we have clearly attached a value to her.

There may be some messages about hard work buried in there somewhere – I expect she has to slave in the gym to keep that posterior in shape – but these are very hidden messages, buried under the other messages surrounded by glitz and sparkle.

Messages about physical appearance being more important than character or substance, for instance, or messages about financial rewards coming with meanness, scandal and boundary-less living.

The pupils in our schools really are soaking up a diet of empty celebrity and superficiality. They are under a huge amount of pressure, buffeted by these images and messages.

About Dr Wright, MA (Oxon), MA (Leics), EdD (Exeter), PGCE (Oxon) FRSA MIoD

With a doctorate in Education on understanding moral leadership in schools, she is a well-known figure in education. She was named Tatler magazine’s “Best Head of a Public School” in 2010-2011. She writes and advises on education and parenting issues in the media and beyond. She is an adviser for the Girls’ Schools Association (GSA) [the professional association representing the Heads of leading independent girls' schools in the UK]. She regularly speaks out in the press, on radio and on television about issues related to young people and education, including the dangers of the early sexualisation of girls. She was appointed to her first Headship aged just 30.

Daily Mail (UK), 19 June 2012

Most controversial “Got Talent” audition

Duangjai Jansaunoi, 23 took part in an audition for the “Thailand’s Got Talent” TV show in Bangkok on 17th June 2012.

She first drew an outline of a man using yellow paint on a tall canvas. Nothing unusual so far. But with her back to the audience, she then took off her top, poured paint over her breasts and used them to carry on with her painting.

Perhaps even more shockingly, she then faced the audience. At that precise moment, perhaps nobody would’ve bothered to point out that she was using polysorbs as part of her “painting paraphernalia.”

YouTube Preview Image

After covering herself to hear the judges’ verdict, the 2 male judges voted in favour, while the sole female objected.

Thailand’s Minister of Culture Sukumol Kunplome said it was a “very shocking” incident, forcing the producers to apologise. The show is now under investigation on whether they had broken censorship laws.