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Football: European trophy winners’ most spectacular downfalls

1. FC Magdeburg of Germany won the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup in 1974, yet, by the 1994-1995 season it had sunk to the fourth tier of the German football league system. The club’s fortunes has had a huge impact on attendance figures; while in the mid 1970s it had averaged 18,000 spectators, which sometimes went as high as 45,000, by the mid 1990s, the average match had a mere 444 people bothering to come watch them play.

1. FC Magdeburg is the first ever European trophy winners to be relegated to their country’s third league tier or worse.

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Football: best Boxing Day matches

Amongst top association football leagues in the world, only the English Premier League keep on playing during the Christmas period. In fact, while La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1 take a break, the EPL play even more than usual. No clearly defined mid-season intermission to speak of. Therefore, most of the footballing world’s attention is focused on this part of the globe.

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Largest margin of victory in sports

The biggest blowout, the easiest win, the most one-sided victory in any sports, at any level, of course should look more impressive the bigger the numbers are.

For an official, organised, recorded sporting encounter, a high school-level American football match between two Kansas schools on 16th November 1927 is the all-time record. In that match, Haven High School (nicknamed Wildcats) defeated, or more accurately, absolutely obliterated Sylvia High School 256-0, over the 48-minute playing time. The Wildcats had 38 touchdowns.

In fact, the Wildcats had an absolutely incredible season. They played 7 other matches, with a total score of 323-0. Their hardest match was still a 27-0 win.

The legendary team

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Dirtiest race in history

The final of the men’s 100m sprint at the 1988 Seoul Olympics has been described in extremes; while one newspaper called it the dirtiest race of all time, others would call it the greatest. But most would agree that the incident is most infamous in the history of athletics.

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Greatest display of a “never say die” spirit in badminton II

After that classic Poul-Erik Hoyer-Larsen vs Dong Jiong match during the 1996 Thomas Cup, another inspiring display of great fighting spirit was during the Peter Rasmussen vs Sun Jun 1997 World Championships final match, where in the 3rd set, Sun suffered severe cramps on his left thigh mid-match but still played on to the end limping on one leg, and yet, incredibly, at one point was leading by 10-3 through intelligent play before finally succumbing to his opponent 10-15.

Final score: 16-17, 18-13, 15-10 to Rasmussen.

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