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Most difficult footballer name for a Malaysian commentator to say

I think it will be very hard, at least for someone who says it out for the first time, to say this name with a straight face.

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Funniest reason why neighbours called the police

In early July 2013, the police were called by neighbours of a house in Clawson, Michigan.

Concerned people nearby the house said they heard “blood-curdling screams” from a woman and “a series of loud noises.”

Naturally they thought her life was in danger.

However, upon arriving, the authorities found that she was just “reacting to her boyfriend’s disgusting farts.”

This was confirmed by Clawson Police Chief Harry Anderson, who informed CBS Detroit.

I suppose the police then quickly made their exit, after taking a cursory look at the outdoor wall fountain.

NY Daily News, 9 July 2013

Most outrageous sideburns

There have been many people in history with humongous sideburns which could almost pass for wings, to name a few: Martin Van Buren (the 19th century US president), Ambrose Everett Burnside (the 19th century US governor and senator), Jules François Camille Ferry (the 19th century French statesman and republican), many modern celebrities, but my favourite will always be Ray Dorset, the lead singer of 1970s pop group Mungo Jerry.

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Biggest ever phone bill

Solenne San Jose, of France was a customer of Telecom Bouygues, her local mobile network operator and internet service provider.

She lost her job in September, so decided that it’s best that she terminate the phone’s contract before the pre-agreed timeframe. She was then told that there’s a termination fee, and that it would be revealed in her upcoming bill.

Little did she expect that the bill came up to €11,721,000,000,000,000 (around USD15 quadrillion).

It’s easily the costliest phone bill in history.

Of course it’s a mistake, which was later corrected to €117, and was then reportedly waived.

Interestingly, Bouygues initially didn’t admit to it its mistake, and even offered a repayment plan to pay for the original, humongous, erroneous sum. It would’ve been hilarious to see how the company tries to get one woman to pay for what is almost 6,000 times France’s annual GDP.

Other huge phone bills include the one in 2006, when Yahaya Wahab of Kedah, Malaysia was reported to have received a USD218 trillon phone bill from Telekom Malaysia.


Best radio show moment ever

I first heard this in 2005, but apparently it aired much earlier (1996 – at a time when black ink cartridges still cost a fortune), on Andy Savage’s radio program on Minneapolis station 93.7 (The Edge). Kim, 25, called in to take part in a segment called “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not,” where anybody who suspects their partners or spouses to have an affair can ask Savage to try to expose them live on air. So Savage phoned Greg, her boyfriend.

This will never get old – that “I was kidding” moment at the end is totally priceless.

Married Radio Caller Busted on Air


For those who doubt the authenticity of this, consider this.