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Oddest couple

The oddest couple among the same species must be the shell-burrowing barnacle, because the female is 500 times bigger than the male.

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Most unbelieveable spousal revenge act

Uruko Onoja is a wealthy businessman in Ogbadibo, Benue, Nigeria.

So wealthy, he had 6 wives.

But one day, things went awry.

After arriving home from a bar at 3am on 24th July 2012, he proceeded to do the wild thing with the youngest wife (well who could blame him?) when the other five wives got jealous, banded together, broke into the bedroom and confronted him with no less than knives and sticks, and demanded that they have a sevensome, or rather, one at a time, starting with the youngest wife, Odachi.

Fearing for his life, he gave in, and made it with the first four, but as the fifth approached the bed, it proved too much to bear, and he literally conked out.

The first 5 wives fled when they realised their husband was dead, and were later arrested for “raping their husband to death.”

Selected reaction(s):

I could cope quite easily with the 6 wives and their demands. But 6 mothers-in-law??!!

Daily Mail (UK), 24 Jul 2012

Most bizarre funeral wake

Angel Pantoja Medina, 24, was found dead on 15th August 2008 under a bridge in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

His oft declared wish was to be standing during his own wake.

So, they granted his wish.

The Marin Funeral Home put their embalming skills to good use – and kept the corpse standing upright for his entire 3-day wake in his mother’s living room, while dressed in style: a Yankees baseball cap and sunglasses.

Then, in April 2010, the same funeral home was called in again to handle the case of David Morales Colón, 22, who was shot dead. This time, the family wanted the corpse to be riding his Honda CBR600 F4 motorcycle during his wake, while clad in street clothes and sunglasses, so that’s what they did:

Hmm… possibly the only thing missing is a schuberth helmet…

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Most well endowed man

Jonah Falcon

Jonah Falcon (born 1970) of New York is apparently in the possession of the world’s longest and largest recorded naturally formed penis. I said “apparently” because The Guinness Book of World Records does not record such things.

It’s 9 inches when soft, 13.5 inches when erect.

A SFW illustration of how it looks like when flaccid

If you’re wondering, Falcon is not that tall: 5′ 9″; so there goes the myth that tall or people of a certain colour are the most well endowed.

When he was just 10, it was already 8 inches long. When he was 18, it was 12 inches long.

Sometimes he’d mention that his father was the legendary pr0n star John “Johnny Wadd” Holmes (1944 – 1988) who had a similarly huge appendage, but his own family members dismissed this (he’s an only child). I think he might as well say he’s related to Rasputin.

Stories of incidents like what happened on 9th July 2012 abound: he was stopped at San Francisco’s Airport because his bulging, non-erect (as he liked to remind the interviewer), package attracted the attention of the authorities, who thought it could be a bomb.

As might be expected, he has been offered movie roles by p0rn companies, but he has never accepted, saying nobody would take him seriously if he did.

That’s the end of this article. What’d you expect – post a full frontal photo of him here?


Bizarre customs: funeral strippers of Taiwan

It was reported earlier this year that associate professor Marc L. Moskowitz, of the Department of Anthropology of the University of South Carolina and “an expert on Taiwan’s folk religion and popular culture” has released a documentary entitled Dancing for the Dead: Funeral Strippers in Taiwan based on many hours of fieldwork he conducted throughout Taiwan in 2008.

A folk tradition in rural Taiwan is to hire young women to strip at a funeral ceremonies, and is deemed an important part of the grieving process, as a way to send off the recently dead. Some said it was because new ghosts (i.e. the spirit of the recently deceased) get picked on by older ghosts, thus the show was done to distract the older ghosts in order to let the new ghost get used to his new surroundings in peace.

Apparently, the custom came to the fore in the early 1980s and is basically associated with the working class.

The scantily clad girls hop on an Electric Flower Car [EFC] (which are actually diesel trucks with a stage attached and multicoloured lighting installed), then sing while erotically gyrating to pop numbers, finally stripping down to full nudity.

Surely scenes like this is few and far between elsewhere around the world

The government isn’t condoning it – it’s actively trying to crack down on the practice.


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Worst food

Fried scorpions, centipedes or mosquitoes might be very unusual choices for food, but at the annual Hokitika Wildfoods Festival in New Zealand, one can find, amongst other delicacies, horse semen.

If the very moniker makes you gag, consider that the locals say it tastes like milkshake.

Cost: NZ$10 a shot, inclusive of an energy drink chaser dubbed Powerhorse.
Flavours: au naturel, cherry, licorice, banoffee pie

How did they get the semen out? Why, with an artificial vagina of course!

Care to try? If you’re up for it, perhaps it’s best to get ready the paramedics with their medical computer carts close by.

Perhaps the only thing that can rival that is the barbecued baby monkeys of the Amazon.